Monitors Anywhere

Monitors Anywhere connect

“Game Changer for Digital Signage Connectivity”

Monitors Anywhere Connect allows you to control the content of multiple displays from
a single PC
  • Forget about having to install a PC behind each screen
  • Dump the cumbersome and expensive infrastructure
  • Utilize HDMI over LAN technology
  • Create eye catching Video Walls with ease!
One standard computer, HDMI over LAN zero clients (see Centerm C75), and the Local Area Network is all you need for Monitors AnyWhere.

Using Monitors AnyWhere from a single PC  you can:

  • Create and Control many different content channels or Video Walls.
  • Configure the content to broadcast to each individual monitor.
  • Work on a user-friendly application to plan and define all digital signage in your establishment.
  • Gain the Lowest TCO in the industry for your digital signage infrastructure.
  • Green Solution – Major savings in electricity

For each screen you can assign the following features:

  • Run a different video
  • Open a different website
  • Run a different PowerPoint presentation
  • Run any type of file or application
  • Plan a playlist of applications and schedule it
  • Group screens and mirror the same content
  • Group screens and create eye catching Video Walls

This solution is perfect for:

  • Corporate Communications / Dashboards
  • Manufacturing lines
  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Hospitality / Restaurants
  • Hospitals /clinics
  • Retail stores

Quick demo:


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Online Monitors AnyWhere

“Easy to use and affordable Content Management System”


Online Monitors AnyWhere is a hosted Digital Signage Service that supports hundreds of screens around the world in educational institutions, small and medium businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and large corporations.

You can easily design your content from anywhere with an Internet connection, plan a playlist and set it to run on any number of TV screens.

With Online Monitors AnyWhere:

  • Access and Control the information on your TVs at your facility from anywhere that has internet access.
  • Design beautiful layouts and add advanced apps like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more!
  • It’s super easy to use and amazingly affordable.

Getting started:


Contact us if you have any questions or require pricing.